Mission / Vision / History

Our Mission

To improve educational and living standards for people with different abilities by:

  • Providing individualized, multimodality therapy services
  • Creating effective strategies to engage students, staff, and families in productive life long learning
  • Empowering, validating and encouraging family members and significant others to be confident advocates
  • Provide cutting-edge professional development and training for clinicians as well as parents/caregivers
  • Provide support to families/significant others and staff of organizations

Our Vision

To be a world-wide company that develops and implements diverse therapeutic/educational programs, for students of different language and cultural background and to help people with disabilities to achieve their full potential, minimizing challenges and obstacles in their lives.

Our History

Bilingual Multicultural Services Inc. (BMSI) began in 1992 with a vision of wanting to support parents who have a family member with a disability. The company has grown from one to over 60 employees in the areas of Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Diagnostics and Psychology. BMSI has created long, respected, and well-established working relationships with many school districts, agencies, and communities throughout the state of New Mexico. Through hard work and dedication, BMSI has grown to be one of the largest therapy companies of its kind in New Mexico.

BMSI provides assessments and therapeutic services from birth through end of life in home, schools, and at community and work place. We pride ourselves in supporting the academic achievement of the children in the school districts. We help our clients to understand that differences are not always disorders and it is okay to be different.

BMSI special projects

Project CIERA (Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement)
Promoting early literacy in young children
Project TALES (Talking About Life Experiences through Stories)
Project BRIDGE (Building Reading Instruction in Diverse Groups in Education)
Project PLAY (Play and Language, Attunement for young Children)

BMSI ongoing activities

Reading Camps
Once a month Dances for adult clients
Play groups for clients under 5yrs old
International outreach
Trainers of trainers

International Outreach

Bolivia, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania - training/support in all areas of disabilities to parents, agencies, clinics, and schools as well as to community and government education and awareness

Professional workshops presentations around the world (USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Greece, Netherlands, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Denmark, etc.)

International upcoming conferences

August 2016: Ireland - IALP (International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics)

Company Info


Bilingual Multicultural Services, Inc.

5200 Copper Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA
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